Shattered Impact

The Story So Far....(Part 1)

History of The Registration Act by Alex Crucilbe

This comes from a series of lectures author Alexander Crucible gave at Rosewood Academy in Baltimore, MD. The lectures have been recorded and placed on YouTube for anyone to see while Dr. Crucible is promoting his upcoming book, Life in the Age of Homo Sapiens Mutantes.

Earth has publicly known of super-powered humans since the 1970s. There are different names for people with powers: mutants, meta-humans, metas, supers, supes, freaks, and alphas. 99% of all meta-humans develop their abilities during puberty, often suffering the “Symptom Sickness” which consists of a few days being dizzy, nauseated, and dehydrated and culminates in sudden burst of power. There has been few major incursions; however, the few incidents involving meta-humans have caused outcry from the general public. Due to this, the Kuyper Registration Act was enacted in 1987 after 19 year old Anna Kuyper was killed by a meta-human classmate who lost control of his powers.

This act called for all meta-humans over the age of 18 to register with the Department of Security, Order, and Protection (DSOP), registering full identities: full name, address, and other personal information. However, in 1995, several identities were leaked to the press. Several major heroes’ families were attacked and killed by unregistered metas , others harassed. The Registration Act was re-vamped and remodeled into the Leo-Kuyper Voluntary Registration and Service Act.

The LKV-RSA asks meta-humans to register under a strictly controlled and monitored code name system. Anyone over 18 is expected to register, but it is not mandatory. Registration involves taking a 6-week course over metas’ rights and restrictions (such as illegal use of mind powers for business gain) and a safe place to practice controlling abilities. Those under 18 are free to register, but it is not enforced.

However, if any unregistered metas over 18 are caught using powers in any professional or vigilante way, the super will be required to register and take the mandatory course, plus 6 weeks community service. Any criminal activity, registered or not, that involves the use of powers is strictly handled (and any minor is automatically considered an adult).


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