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The Story so Far.... (Part 2)

Where do Powers come from? by Alex Crucible

This comes from a series of lectures author Alexander Crucible gave at Rosewood Academy in Baltimore, MD. The lectures have been recorded and placed on YouTube for anyone to see while Dr. Crucible is promoting his upcoming book, Life in the Age of Homo Sapiens Mutantes.

So where do powers come from? Are meta-humans created? Cursed? Mutants? Humans with abilities unlike others – meta-humans – began cropping up in the 1940s. However, the existence of such people was kept secret and covered by the World’s governments until the 1970s. Where did the powers come from? To what extent did the government go in keeping this quiet? Well, the answers may or may not surprise you…. but for those you should read my book. (laughs). However, since the ‘70s, the Earth has publicly known of super-powered humans. There are different names for people with powers: meta-humans, metas, supers, supes, and so on. Some people call them freaks, abominations. Those people may be right. But, they’re also scared. Those who are scared are simply misinformed, under-informed, or willfully ignorant.

Let’s start with some basic information:
98% of all meta-humans develop their abilities during puberty, suffering Pubescent Onset Symptom Sickness. POSS consists of a few days being dizzy, nauseated, and dehydrated and culminates in having special abilities. However, 98% causes some confusion. I say 98%, but only because 2% of all meta-human cases either will not talk directly about their Onset or tell outlandish “origin stories” that often change and become more exaggerated with each telling without any evidence. The 98% are those whose Onset is well documented, by corroborating evidence and testimony.

Most people believe that supers are actually mutants, since it seems to be hereditary. Currently, the rumors that the government has developed a DNA test encourages this idea, but so far, no test has been confirmed. The fact that all corroborated Onsets occur at a time a body is changing, puberty, throughout the world indicates that the change is an internal one. There is not one documented case of a meta-human gaining powers in any way other than POSS. There are currently a few meta-humans who claim other-worldly gifts or mystical spirits — but there is no outside evidence, only their testimony. I am not trying to completely discount the supernatural possibilities; I only strive to clarify what the evidence has told us so far.

Moving on, so we have a well-supported guess that powers, or abilities, are hereditary. What does that mean for humanity? For other humans? Well, the fear-mongers want you to believe it means extinction. The rise of meta-humans is an indication that our species in evolving, leaving the old behind. Will this happen over night? No. Currently the meta-human population is, roughly, 2% of the world and is rising only by a fraction of a percent each year. Even if the race evolves fully into meta-humans, humanity will still exist. And, for now, the evolution/mutation theory is just that… a theory. We have some strong evidence in support of this theory, but no conclusive proof has been found.


Loni Loni

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