Dr. Alexander Crucible

Well-known Author


Dr. Crucible is a well-known author. He is credited with coining the terms meta-human and Homo Sapiens Mutantes. He was a primary voice in bringing meta-humans to the attention of the world with his first book, My Sister Could Fly Until the Government Cut Her Wings.

Selected Bibliography:

My Sister Could Fly Until the Government Cut Her Wings, 1973
Whispered Screams: The Unethical Research Done on Meta-humans, 1975
The Rise of Homo Sapien Mutantes, 1982
I’m Just a Kid!: Coping with life after the Onset, 1986
Power Struggle: The Gloriana Incident, 1991
Facing Reality in a Changing Landscape, 1994
Backlash: Why the Registration Act Failed to Protect, 1998
Blindspot, 2007
Life in the Age of Homo Sapiens Mutantes, 2014

For Excerpts from his lectures at The Rosewood Academy, see Alexander Crucible’s Lecture Series.

Dr. Alexander Crucible

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