Emmaline “Emmie” Kincaid

HT: 5’4" WT: 104 lbs. HAIR: Blonde EYES: Green

Regular Identity: Emmaline Kincaid is from a suburb of NYC. She is a freshman at the prestigious Rosewood Academy, a local boarding school in Baltimore. One weekend a month, she returns to NY to spend time with her family. She has trouble focusing and is impulsive, but she is trying to apply herself in her studies as Rosewood’s curriculum is very rigorous. She is adamant that she wants to be a lawyer like her uncle, and Rosewood is the surest way to a good school.

Meta Identity: Powerhouse is very young to be a self-registered meta-human. At 14, she’s only had her powers for about a year and a half. However, she is eager to learn more and try more with her abilities.


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