Character Creation

Up to this point in our games, our characters have been slap-dash or pre-made due to time constraints or understanding of the rules. We haven’t had to have a lot of backstory or character development. However, for Shattered Impact that will change.

All characters are 300 points, with 50 pts complications, with no more than 20 points in any one type of complication. Previous complications were less. Check to make sure your character fits the new point requirements.

Backstories add spice. Backstories do not have to be extensive, multiple page affairs. But they do need to exist enough to give yourself and Grandmasta Nate an idea of where the character has been; and possibly give the Grandmasta some things to play with in the future. One point of Hero Systems is how customizable the characters are, but without a personality and story they are just plain.

It is important for you to read the books, at least the sections regarding your PC’s powers. It is important you understand how your PC’s powers work and what can and cannot happen in the game mechanics. If you need access to the books, message Loni.

If you still aren’t sure about your character and want some one-on-one help, let Grandmasta know and come over some time outside of game time, but before the game begins!

Character Creation

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